• PY\KIND : KINetics Dendrites

Dendrite growth kinetics on multicomponent alloys considering cross diffusion and curvature effect
  • PY\KINE : KINetics Eutectic

Eutectic growth kinetics on binary alloys considering thermodynamic coupling
  • PY\DIAN : DIffusion ANalytique

Diffusion induced growth kinetics in semi-infinite domain (steady regime) (planar, cylindrical, spherical)
  • PY\MIAN : MIcrosegregation ANalytique

Analytical solution of diffusion problems for ‘Far-field’ modelling of growth kinetics dedicated to solidification and precipitation
  • PY\MISE: MIcroSEgregation

Microsegregation model based on volume averaging for a single solid phase growing into liquid, accounting for growth kinetics of the solid phase and finite diffusion in the solid and liquid phases, devoted to coupling with processing
  • PY\DICO : DIffusion COefficients

Computation of cross-diffusion matrix in multiphases and multicomponent systems (+Matlab)
  • PY\MIFT : MIcroségrégation Front Tracking 

Front-tracking modelling of phase development induced by diffusion (Landau approach) in cross diffusion
  • PY\MILD : MIcrosegregation Length Diffusion

Microsegregation modelling based on diffusion length
  • PY\PATH: solidification PATH

Solidification path computation on multicomponent systems during solidification processes (Lever rule, Scheil, Partial-Equilibrium) and tabulation of thermodynamic evolutions (*.mtc) for thermal solution (Cimlib) 
  • PY\PREC: PRECipitation

Precipitation process modelling on structure-hardenable aluminium alloy aluminium based on Precipitate Size Distribution (PSD) approach

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